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White Mountain Book Writing Retreat

You can watch the replay for the White Mountain Book Writing Retreat below. There’s also a timestamped overview of the interview below the video.

Prefer to just listen? Use the audio player below.

📚 Timestamped overview (AI generated)

[00:02:00] One sponsor (writing retreat directory), housekeeping instructions given, Q&A to be managed later. Guest (Dorothy) introduced.
[00:03:43] Speaker turned book writing retreat organizer after life-changing experience writing a book on health and wellness, started with local yoga studio talk which led to developing a book writing course live and online.
[00:08:37] Belief is key for starting ventures; retreats provide growth and support for accomplishing goals.
[00:11:21] Being part of a writing community is great for feedback and bouncing ideas off others.
[00:16:53] Bring your laptop, write by hand, start a brilliant idea book, share your writing, come with an open mind.
[00:21:15] The July retreat is full and September’s has only three spots left. The location in Franconia, NH is beautiful with a variety of amenities. The retreat includes one-on-one teaching, yoga, gluten-free and dairy-free meals, and attracts a diverse group of writers. There are even some successful fiction writers.
[00:25:24] Morning breakfast, talks/workshops, yoga, writing exercises, editing/coaching, taught by 3 teachers with a focus on improving writing for book projects. Not just a relaxation retreat, but investing in future success.
[00:31:40] Yoga retreat encourages writing a book and offers services; everyone can participate in yoga regardless of level.
[00:33:38] Alone time in writing retreats helps to focus, but keeping up with writing after is difficult. Strategies like online writing groups help.
[00:38:11] Books published by previous retreat attendees include: The End of Try Try Again (weight loss), Driving Myself Uncrazy (memoir about social anxiety and traveling solo), Mama What Color Is Your Love (children’s book about love and legacy), Storked (memoir of uncovering birth parents), Gifts From Losing You (healing from loss of a child).
[00:41:31] Planning writing retreat in Lisbon in April 2024; includes curated culinary experiences and poetry museum visit.

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