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Speaker Information + Resources

We're excited to collaborate with you to create a high-value, unique event for writers looking for a writing retreat that will inspire, motivate, and support them to reach their writing goals.

The Writing Retreat Sampler™ series will have twice-monthly live presentation/interview with a variety of writing retreat hosts (one host per event date) to show writers what to expect from a retreat, how one helps them, and to showcase one upcoming writing retreat.

On this page, you'll find resources to make your life as a speaker easy and answer questions you may have.

If you run into a question I didn’t answer, email me at, or ask over in the Speaker's Facebook group.

If you've been a part of events including webinars, summits, or other collaborative offerings and found that they didn't go so smoothly, I encourage you to check out what some of the past speakers have to say about their experience!

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How it'll all work

Let’s do a quick rundown of how this event series will work.

Starting on May 24, 2023, the live Writing Retreat Sampler™ events will air twice a month on the first Wednesday at 8:30am US ET and the third Wednesday at 3:00pm US ET. Lisa and the presenter will log in 15 minutes earlier to go through a systems check.

Presentations will include 25 minutes of content and 25 - 35 minutes of Q&A.

Leading up to each event, we’ll have three weeks of promotion. You’ll be provided with email swipe copy, social media swipe copy, and social media graphics to make it all easy!

There will be no monetary exchange between me and the speakers, nor am I charging writers to attend the webinars. I will be arranging for businesses and people who offer services/products for writers to sponsor each event.

Please note that I will provide a co-branded event slide for the first one in your presentation.

What I'll need from you

So this all sounds great, but what kind of work does it require of you? Let’s chat about it! My goal is to make this all as easy as humanly possible so we can all have a blast while providing great value while growing our businesses.

1. Basic Information

The first thing I’ll need is some very basic information from you so I can create the Registration and Upcoming Speakers pages for your interview date.

If I haven't already, I’ll send you a link where you can upload all this information easily.

2. Presentation Slot Scheduled

The next thing I’ll need is for you to schedule your presentation/interview slot. Click here to see the list of times that are available and to schedule yours. (Slots are first-come first-served so be sure to grab your spot right away).

There are only 2 slots per month. If you don't see a date that works for you, click through the months to see more dates.

Your writing retreat will be the only one presented on the date you choose.

The presentation slots are for 1 hour and 15 minutes to accommodate 15 minutes for systems check, 25 minutes for intros and presentation/interview, followed by 25 - 35 minutes of Q&A.

3. Presentation

Next up is your presentation! This is a 25 minute slide presentation that is meant to be more friendly and casual than perfect and structured. We want our attendees to learn something great, while having fun in the process.

You may create your slides with whatever elements, picures, colors, etc you would like. That being said, every presentation for the Sampler events will follow this format:

  • Co-branded event slide I'll provide
  • A quick introduction of yourself (retreat info will be later)
  • 3 - 5 ways a writing retreat helps writers.
  • 3 - 5 things you recommend writers bring to a writing retreat.
  • Information about your upcoming retreat: Name, Location, Dates.
  • Pictures showcasing your upcoming retreat throughout the presentation.
  • Talk about who this retreat is for and what guests get if they attend (workshops, critiques, free time, etc.).
  • What will the first day of your retreat feel like for them? Take them through an overview of what they’ll experience that first day. Add pictures, inspirational quotes, etc.
  • Include 1 to 3 testimonials from attendees of your previous retreats.
  • Give post-retreat tips to help them stay motivated about their writing after returning home.
  • Where can they find out more about you and your retreat? Website and social media.

Presentations are due 3 weeks before your interview date so I have time to familiarize myself with you and your retreat before the interview. 

I know everyone's busy, so I'll send reminders as the dates get closer.

Download this PDF with more details on creating your presentation slides and helpful hints.

During the live event, you'll control the presentation slides while I interview you and ask questions to guide the conversation. The presentation will be uploaded ahead of time so you won't have to worry about screen sharing issues.

For examples of what this looks like, I have two clips from the last event for you to view at the bottom of this page.

4. Promotion

Joint promotion is a huge benefit to everyone involved, so I encourage you to share on social media and to your email lists during the promotion period, starting three weeks before the event.

You’ll find swipe copy and graphics in the Resource Vault below.

5. Day of the Presentation

  • Wear earbuds or headphones connected to computer so that sound comes through better
  • Log in to the event 15 minutes before the presentation begins for audio and video check and make sure everything is in place.


Resource Vault


Current Action Steps

Phew, that was a lot to cover! You’re awesome for making it this far :)

For the sake of clarity, here are your current action steps:

  • Join the speaker Facebook group.
  • Provide your basic information once the link comes through in email.
  • Schedule your presentation slot.
  • Let me know if you have any questions up to this point!

Remember to get things added to your calendar. Because if you’re like me, if it’s not in your calendar it doesn’t exist.

Interview with Marissa Morrow, presenting the Writing in Color Retreat from Lighthouse Writers Workshop.

Interview with Valeria Vescina, presenting her Writing Retreats in Switzerland.

Something I missed? Email me at support@retreatdirectorysolutions, or pop into the Speaker's Facebook group!