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What Is A Writing Retreat Sampler?

Ever since I hosted the first Writing Retreat Sampler, I’ve had people ask me what exactly it is. Some wonder if it’s a writing retreat, while others get confused on the sampler part.

Which is completely understandable, considering this is a completely new idea. The core concept of the Writing Retreat Sampler is a way for writers to hear about a variety of writing retreats directly from the writing retreat hosts.

Components of the Writing Retreat Sampler

To make the presentations valuable to the writers and not just a sales pitch, I give the speakers a template to use for their presentations:

  1. Intro
  2. Three to five ways a writing retreat helps writers.
  3. Three to five things they recommend writers bring to a writing retreat.
  4. Information about their upcoming writing retreat.
  5. Pictures showcasing the retreat so writers know what to expect.
  6. Talk about who their retreat is for and what guests get if they attend (workshops, critiques, free time, excursions, etc.).
  7. Take attendees through an overview of what writers will experience the first day of their writing retreat.
  8. Offer post-retreat tips to help writers stay motivated about their writing after returning home.

How the first Sampler was delivered

For the first iteration of the Sampler, held at the end of February, I used the virtual summit model. Thirteen writing retreat hosts prerecorded their video presentations, which aired on one of two dates. The videos were hosted on Vimeo and I embedded them into a separate website page for each presentation.

A chat box was set up below the video so the hosts could chat in real time with writers who had questions or just wanted to say hi.

How future Samplers will be delivered

I wrote a blog post about lessons learned from the first one, so I won’t rehash those details. But, I did list how the next iterations of the Writing Retreat Sampler events will be different, which I’ll list here as well:

  1. The events will still be virtual, but the presentations/interviews will be live, followed by a live Q&A with the writing retreat hosts.
  2. Instead of two days of stacked presentations, I’ll interview one host per episode, twice a month.
  3. The events will still be free for attendees.
  4. Businesses who offer services for writers will have sponsor booths for attendees to visit at each event. (If you’re interested in sponsoring an event, please Contact Me.
  5. The videos will be available on my website so anyone can view them at any time.
  6. I’ll create a podcast from the audio so the presentations will be available on the go.

All events will be listed on the home page.