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Novel Whisperer Writing Adventure Retreat

You can watch the replay or listen to the audio-only version for the Novel Whisperer Writing Adventure writing retreat below. There’s also a timestamped overview of the interview below the audio.

Prefer to just listen? Use the audio player below.

📚 Timestamped overview (AI generated)

00:02:32 Experienced librarian with passion for books.
00:04:21 Beneficial writing retreats with individual attention.
00:07:28 Pre-retreat preparation, individual meetings, group discussions
00:11:08 Bring laptop, comfortable shoes, waterproof, sweater. Bring an open mind.
00:15:19 Well-preserved medieval city with Soviet history.
00:17:56 Great opportunity to visit historical sites in Estonia.
00:21:49 Luxury apartment in Old Town with amenities.
00:26:34 Fly into Helsinki, then Helsinki to Tallinn. Comfortable, reliable Finnair recommended.
00:30:19 Limited meetings, craft discussion, group coaching, writing time.
00:32:37 Custom solo or group retreats available.
00:35:46 Thanks for watching and supporting the Sampler!

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