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Mainely Memoir Retreat

I hosted the first live Writing Retreat Sampler today (May 24, 2023), and I’m already excited for the next one! Watch the replay for the Mainely Memoir Retreat below. There’s also a quick timestamped overview below the video so you can navigate more quickly to areas that interest you.

Prefer to just listen? Use the audio player below.

📚 Timestamped overview (AI generated)
[00:00:59] Intro and housekeeping for virtual event, including sponsor information and prizes for top attendees. Speakers on memoir topic.
[00:07:14] Get away from daily life to create space for writing, citing personal experience.
[00:13:53] The Blueprint is a tool developed by Author Accelerator’s Book Coach Certification program, consisting of 14 questions covering book ideas, marketing plan, and audience. There are three types of blueprints: one for fiction, one for nonfiction, and one for memoir. The outline for memoir is called an impact outline and focuses on the meaning behind the memoir. The speaker coached Jenny Nash on her upcoming memoir-specific Blueprint.
[00:16:35] Bring comfortable clothes for downtime and practical tools for writing, such as a laptop and favorite pens. Avoid distractions and enjoy the Maine location, which includes a beach, downtown area, and swimming pool on the roof.
[00:24:09] Retreat for women memoir writers at any stage. Blueprint and coach provided to help with writing and/or revising. 50 pages of manuscript reviewed to figure out best use of retreat time.
[00:28:33] The Lincoln Hotel is located 20 minutes away from Portland, Maine airport and was formerly a textile mill. Each room has a fireplace and the hotel is praised for its atmosphere. The hotel is not crowded in September, which is a great time to visit Maine.
[00:34:38] Maintain the writing habit after a retreat, set aside focused time to work and resist the urge to check social media. Use tools like a writing hat to signal the start of work.
[00:37:29] Schedule writing time, a follow-up call with coach, consider ongoing coaching and stay in touch with writing friends.
[00:44:53] The memoir book’s blueprint is not available. Use the Fiction or Nonfiction blueprint for a memoir plus. Wait for the retreat to get the memoir book.
[00:49:27] Exploring sponsor booths recommended for writer feedback, e-book fairs for book promotion, and Writers Within for editing and coaching services.

If you know a writer who’s interested in a retreat for memoir, share this post with them.