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How a Writing Retreat Helps You Reach Your Goals Faster

What are your goals for your writing?

  • Getting your story out into the world without worrying about getting paid for it?
  • Make enough money to pay for covers, editing, etc?
  • Make enough money to help with bills, save for a vacation, or quit your job?

Some writers are happy just to have released the words that have been swirling in their head and choose to post their stories on blog posts or free to use platforms.

But most of us want some compensation for the time, energy, heart, and soul we’ve poured into our story for months, or even years, so our interest lies in publishing our books on paid platforms.

Getting to the Publishing Stage Quicker

Whether you want to self or trad publish, wouldn’t you love to have your story available to readers sooner rather than later? A writing retreat can help you reach that stage faster by giving you:

  • Hands on, personal help for character development, fixing plot holes, etc.
  • A fresh environment to spark your creativity.
  • Dedicated writing time to allow thoughts to fully percolate without interruption (heaven, right?).
  • A community to bounce ideas off of in person throughout the week(s), at almost any time of day.

Can’t you get those from a book coach, online courses, workshops, and writers groups?

Yes, of course you can, if you find the right ones. But none of those offers all that a writing retreat can in one place.

  • Getting coaching in Facebook groups, over email, or on Zoom isn’t a great substitute for the give and take of talking with a writing instructor in person.
  • Most workshops and courses are online, so you’re still in your house. Even if you decide to hang out at a coffee shop while you work through the material, it’s not enough change in scenery to spark new ideas or make you forget about the laundry that’s waiting at home.
  • Most of us multi-task our daily lives to a crazy level, so even if we’re focused on our writing at home, our mind is still wandering back to that laundry, the project at work, kids homework, and the list goes on. That’s no way to get your manuscript publishing ready in a reasonable time.
  • Attending an online or in person writing group a few times a week can’t match spending one to two weeks with a small group of people focused on publishing their books.

Do you see now why I’m all in on writing retreats?

One writing retreat can give you in days what writing courses and workshops force you to piece together over weeks or months.

Does this mean you shouldn’t do anything until you can attend a retreat? 

Not at all! If you have limited time or money then definitely do what you can to improve your writing, from free writing groups to online courses, workshops, and book coaches.

But if your goal is to self or trad publish so you can start bringing in income from your writing as soon as possible, a writing retreat that meets your writing needs could help speed up the process. The good news is you can still attend a writing retreat on a tight budget.

Check out a Writing Retreat Sampler

The Writing Retreat Sampler virtual events were created to help writers find writing retreats that will help them find ones that will help them reach their writing goals. The next one is May 24, 2023. Sign up to get notified as soon as registration opens.

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