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Catch the Wave Writing Retreats

You can watch the replay for the Catch the Wave Writing Retreats below. There’s also an audio version of the interview and a timestamped overview below the video.

Prefer to just listen? Use the audio player below.

📚 Timestamped overview (AI generated)

00:02:45 Joining Romance Writers of America in North Carolina, attending workshops, and making connections with seasoned writers, editors, and agents helped launched Lori Hayes’ writing career. Currently, she has eight published books and is seeking a publisher for two more. The author emphasizes the importance of community in selling books and wants to give back by hosting writing retreats to help others build connections with fellow writers.
00:06:37 Professionals and guidance essential for progress.
00:09:39 Exclusive women’s retreat: self-care, writing, beach, community
00:12:27 Writing retreat offers uninterrupted time, beautiful views.
00:15:34 Lori will be teaching a technique to help you have your book practically write itself. It’s amazing. She used this last year, and everybody just complimented it and took home a lot of benefit from that class. Lori will also going to teach time management skills. As a single mom with a busy writing career, she excels at time management skills. She is also going to teach about marketing yourself before your book is ever finished because that is so important. Agents analyze your social media platform. Develop your community and market yourself.
00:16:59 We have amazing speakers at this retreat. Jennifer Delamere, acclaimed author, teaches dialogue and focus. She will teach you how to craft dynamic dialogue and the keys to staying on track. Cindy Patterson creates life-changing, suspenseful stories. She will teach you how to write your own story, what your goal is in writing, and she will teach you how to delete the pages that aren’t working for you.
00:20:55 The Catch the Waves Writing Retreat is November 11 through the 15th on the Outer Banks in Corolla, North Carolina, with wild horses and Currituck Lighthouse. The house is nine bedrooms. It has an elevator. Two of the bedrooms are upstairs, where the living room and the dining room is. And it’s an open plan with all these windows. So you have this three sided view of the ocean.
00:23:05 Bring a variety of clothes for warm and chilly weather.
00:25:52 Start Q&A Session

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