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How to Attend a Writing Retreat Without Breaking the Bank

Many writers I talk to say that costs are one of the main reasons they don’t look for a writing retreat. I know it seems like every retreat out there is in some pricey, far away destination, but I promise you there are plenty of ways to attend a writing retreat on a budget.

Here’s how:

➡️ Look for writing retreats within one day’s driving distance to save on gas and hotel.

➡️ See if a writing friend wants to join you to split the costs.

➡️ Don’t join the others for local excursions. You’ll save money and get more writing done!

➡️ For retreats where food isn’t included in the price, bring nonperishable snacks or visit a local grocery store.

I’ll add more ideas as I think of them. In the meantime, start with these and create your own list.