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A Writer Within in Martha’s Vineyard

You can watch the replay or listen to the audio-only version for the A Writer Within in Martha’s Vineyard writing retreat below. There’s also a timestamped overview of the interview below the audio.

Prefer to just listen? Use the audio player below.

📚 Timestamped overview (AI generated)

00:01:08 Summary: The speaker introduces the presentation, explains how to ask questions during the presentation using the chat box and Q&A function, expresses excitement about a writing retreat in Martha’s Vineyard, and requests information from Catherine.
00:04:08 Writing retreats are about getting away from busy lives, being taken care of, no worries about food or schedule, focus on writing, creative atmosphere, like-minded women, group energy
00:10:01 Creating a safe space for nervous people before workshops is important; no critique, just comfort.
00:11:01 Video testimonials on website capture the moment of creative flow during the week. Short writing prompts used to tap into creativity.
00:16:18 What to bring: sense of adventure, casual clothes. Comfortable but not pajamas. Bring spiral bound notebooks, pen and paper, laptops. International plug adapter needed for European guests.
00:18:03 Staying in a boutique hotel in Oak Bluffs, Martha’s Vineyard. Plan to enjoy fine dining and do some touring.
00:23:12 This retreat isn’t for someone who’s never written before, but for writers looking to refresh or advance their skills, including published authors and those interested in memoir and fiction.
00:25:20 Summary: The writer describes a writing session with breaks for stretching, snacks, and beverages. Meals are provided during a vineyard stay in Italy, with excursions and free time in the afternoon. Afternoon sessions are more relaxed, focusing on interactive exercises and sharing work. Five nights are spent there, with three nights consisting of fine dining and two nights offering appetizers and wine on the veranda.
00:29:20 Importance of setting attainable goals, checking progress regularly, and providing support for writing practice and projects.
00:32:47 The website has contact and inquiry forms, Instagram for regular posts and stories, Facebook for posts and Instagram stories are shared there.
00:34:39 The next sampler is on September 6th, the final one for season 1. Register at Season 2 begins in the spring.

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